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When we celebrate the achievements of Bishop Comboni College or of individual students, we want to share the event with donors. These brief stories give a little insight into the lives of the sponsored students on the secondary campus, Bishop Comboni, and their personal struggles and triumphs.

The Smile Says It Alll
Moreen with prize

The highest score in SW Uganda on UCEs (National Exams for graduating S4s) was accomplished by a BCP-sponsored student. We are all so proud of the work ethic and tenacity of Moreen.

She deserved the District Award that was given to her on February 6th, 2017. A District Official came to Bishop Comboni to give her 1 million shillings in a school ceremony honoring her hard work.

Moreen with her award

Moreen award ceremony

This was a stunning achievement for a rural school. All of the news broadcasts talked of her score during the week of publication. Moreen wants to become a doctor and we know that she will succeed.

Kudos to the school staff, her sponsor and all who helped her come this far.

The Award Ceremony

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Students With Bulbs

BCP donors have provided individual solar lamps for all the sponsored students for use during breaks. Secondary students go home to a world of chores and found their evening hours could not provide the much-needed study time since they have no electric service in the village. The staff and faculty at Bishop Comboni also now have solar lamps so they can work during power failures. Light is the answer to so many problems.

Students with Bulbs

Filter Station

The improvements to the water system on the Bishop Comboni campus are complete. Filters have been installed to allow everyone to fill their personal water bottles at the dining hall. The final stage of the water project was to install a 2nd well with a solar-powered pump. The system will now be capable of functioning without the unreliable hydro-electric power and a 2nd well will mitigate the damage caused by the constant use of the first well. Solar is a wonderful thing in Africa!

Filter Station

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Construction Progress - Staff Housing
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There are many construction projects underway on campus at Bishop Comboni. The construction of new teachers’ housing will be a huge factor in retaining good teachers in this rural setting. Each unit will house three families. Brother Kato raised more than half the funds needed for this building. We are trying to raise money to help them complete this structure. The school would like to build 6 units like this one. The current housing was meant to be temporary and has been utilized far beyond its intended years.

Moving Water Tank into Position
Moving Water Tank into Position - 2

The collection of rainwater began in 2014 and is now complete. Most of the buildings on the Bishop Comboni campus now have rain collection gutters in place. The boys had the honor of moving the last storage tank into position. “And they got a physics lesson, too” commented the Headmaster.

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Certificate Ceremony

BCP gave the graduates of S4 a Christmas gift in December of 2014. They were able to attend a computer class near their homes during the long break (before classes began again in February 2015). The Certificates that they earned were handed out at a very colorful ceremony.

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It took nearly a year from the time of an exam by a visiting specialist, but Cuthebert finally got his hearing aid. A representative from Starkey Hearing Foundation delivered it and advised Cuthebert about how to maintain the aid. This is a happy young man who will no longer have to sit in the front row of all of his classes.

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