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Sponsor a Child
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General Information about Sponsoring a Child

Choosing a Child to Sponsor:

Please look at the website page “The Children” for photos and information about some of the children needing sponsorship. Bwindi Community Program focuses on secondary education and beyond. “The Children” page features primary students who will be graduating soon and any secondary student who may have lost a sponsor. They have been selected for their academic dedication and class rank.

Bishop Comboni Secondary

Each year BCP searches for new sponsors to support top-ranking graduating students at Bwindi Watoto Primary School for secondary education at Bishop Comboni. The quality of this school and our excellent long-term relationship with the administration allow us to confidently support students here. The campus provides a safe, healthy environment for students to grow and mature as they acquire a broader view of the world and prepare for Vocational or University education.

Vocational Schools and University

BCP has matched the strengths of graduating secondary students with vocational training to provide future employment opportunities. University is the hope for truly gifted students. Employment is the goal for all.

These programs vary in length and cost. Hard-working students who go on to either vocational training or university may require an additional sponsor to partner with an existing sponsor when the costs rise. Please contact us to learn about specific needs.

We also encourage consideration of a donation to the
“Children’s Aid Fund” which supplements funding for students already in the program.


If you have questions about a specific child, please contact us. You may donate with a check, online, or by wire (if international). For information and to pay online click Payment. All contributions are tax deductible.

Because the need for sponsors at Bwindi Watoto is so great, BCP works only with children already attending Watoto. Secondary students are also sponsored only from the current Bwindi Watoto P7 class (the last year of Primary School); Academic performance determines choice.

If you would prefer to speak to us directly about donation options, please feel free to call us:
Jim & Jan Tanis at 928-204-1135
or leave us a message via the
Contact page

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