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The University System in Uganda is quite different from that in the US, in part because the last few years of secondary school are equivalent to the first few of our university system or junior college.

University programs focus exclusively on the student’s major and range from 2-5 years. A very few exceptional
BCP students will attend university and only if finances permit. Very few Government Scholarships to university or vocational school are awarded each year.

We currently have some truly outstanding students in secondary school. We hope that they will attend S5 and S6, or “A” levels, in the very best high school in Kampala, providing the finances are available. This expensive step will help to level the playing field for them when they compete for Government Scholarship to university or vocational school.

Scholarships are awarded to very small number of applicants. Sponsors may still be asked to provide living expenses and supplies for a university student on full scholarship.
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